Tackling Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – part 2

Hi there. Last time we talked about some ways of tackling OCD. Well here are a few more ideas.

Accept The Cause

Say to yourself, “I know that X won’t really happen if I don’t wash my hands/tap my fingers/ count/arrange the items/check the switch/etc. It’s just my OCD.”

Accept that your anxiety and your compulsions, while very real, are not logical and are caused by a crossed wire in your brain sending you. Say to yourself,” it’s not me, it’s the OCD.”.

Prevent The Compulsion

When you feel the urge to perform your compulsion, stop yourself and perform another activity instead. Focus on the new activity but be aware that it is just a distraction to keep you focussed, not a new compulsion. Do it deliberately, not because you feel driven to do it. Try to make the activity something you enjoy so that you can really get lost in it.

Acknowledge The Feelings

Understand that the compulsions will come, but tell yourself, “it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a symptom and I can ignore it”. Don’t allow yourself to react to the feelings, just acknowledge them and then push them aside and get on with life.


You could also try some relaxation techniques such as the one discussed in one of my earliest posts here.

To repeat, I’m not saying any of this is easy to do. But it’s how the professionals treat OCD and the benefits are worth it if OCD is making your life a misery. Good luck.





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