Decision Making

What’s Holding You Back?

Often you want to do something but for some reason you never seem to get started. Next time you think of something you want to do ask yourself these questions: What would need to happen for me to do this? If the answer seems too overwhelming, can you break...


Should I Give Up?

Sometimes it is better to give up than to keep trying. And sometimes, it is better to stick with it and persevere until you get there. The trick is, knowing when to choose which option. Consequences Of course you have to look at the consequences of quitting. For example,...


Evaluating And Choosing The Best Options

For the last few posts (here, here and here) I’ve been looking at ways of generating different alternatives to solve a problem. But once you have all of those options, how do you choose the best one? Today we’ll look at some tools for just that. Impact vs Effort...