Can You Cure Phobias?

Certainly many proponents of NLP think so. Here is a description of the NLP fast phobia cure.

We all live in the present. The feelings you experience during a phobic attack are generally caused by the way you remember some past experience; an experience which was traumatic enough to affect all future experiences related to it.

In order to correct the phobic response you need to return to the experience which created it without recreating the related feelings.

One way to do this is to distance yourself from the original experience as you view it (called dissociation in NLP). You may want to have a trusted friend with you while you do this if you think the experience will be upsetting enough. The steps are as follows.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself alone, in a cinema watching a frozen image of yourself on the screen.

  1. To dissociate even further, imagine yourself floating out of your body and moving further back in the cinema, and watching yourself, in the cinema, watching the frozen image of you on the screen.
  2. Now, on the screen, run back along your timeline to the trigger experience. If there is more than one event aim for the earliest one, but if you can’t get back that far a newer one will do. Keep drifting back to a point where you felt safe, just before the trigger event.
  3. Now run the film forward, watching yourself, watching the film. Run it through the trigger event until a point after, where you felt safe. If you start to feel panicky at any point, blank the screen. But hopefully this won’t happen. The idea is to watch the experience without the related feelings. You are just watching yourself, watching a film. You are not living the events again.
  4. Play the film again, but this time, make it darker, smaller, quieter and further away. Take your time watching this happen.
  5. Once the film is over, congratulate yourself on a job well done. Float back into your body to re-join yourself.
  6. Now get up out of your seat and step into the film. Speak to your younger self in the movie. Reassure them that all is well and will be well. Tell them that you are you from the future and that you survived and there is nothing to worry about.
  7. Once you have finished step out of the film and return to now. Imagine the next time you feel your phobia. Hopefully, you will find that the experience is less frightening .


This process can be used to remove any bad feelings associated with past events, not just phobias.



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